Equation Composer

Documentation and Examples

Quick Start Guide

Patch the output [OUT] of the Equation Composer to the output of your modular. Don’t worry about patching any CV inputs. A lot of fun can be had by simply using the knobs. Set the knobs as shown below.

Make sure that the SR (sample rate) knob is set correctly.

You should hear a series of falling notes. Use the right-most knobs labeled [1], [2], and [3] to modify the sound. Try adjusting the sample rate using SR. What you are hearing is the output of the Equation Playback program. The first three "programs" in the Equation Composer are for equation playback. Each of these three programs contain around 20 equations. Use the MOD input to select different equations.

The PRG knob is used to select different programs. The default programs in the Equation Composer are:

  1. Equation Playback #1 (Khepri bank)
  2. Equation Playback #2 (Ptah bank)
  3. Equation Playback #3 (Sobek bank)
  4. Drum Selektor
  5. Wavetable Oscillator + Wave Folder
  6. Patterns
  7. Chords
  8. 3-Oscillator synth
  9. Drum Player

Slowly rotate the PRG knob to the right to switch between programs.